I get bored with the long-used single-lens reflex camera, and I am stuck on the iPhone. It is also fun to see how far you can shoot with this camera. Most of the scenes are landscapes, and for the last few years I have been shooting on the theme of “cutting everyday life into art”. The lightness of the iPhone has totally changed my stance on my photos. Until then, basically I was always carrying a single-lens reflex camera, but even if I tried to take everyday pictures as I was taking a lot of photos, I was disliked because it was just a photo I aimed at somewhere. The performance of the iPhone has risen dramatically, the quality has become impeccable, and I thought this was the best for my style. I also used a compact digital camera for a while, but eventually I realized that the iPhone was the best fit for me.

I like to take a walk, but when I change the viewing angle on the way I usually walk, it looks like art. I thought that it would be fun if I was able to spend my time in an artistic process, and I began to take it that way.

Recently I also like mirrorless (Olympus PEN-F). I really like retro and analog things and fell in love at first sight. I use it when I want to take a picture.

Also, I print my photos on transparent media. I think it would be possible to suggest a new way to enjoy photos as the viewer can add a free background (color or scenery) to the viewer.

The casual photo turns into an exciting photo. I want you to watch it by all means.



最近はミラーレス(Olympus PEN-F)もお気に入りです。